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Cult Vinegar Vase

Cult Vinegar Vase

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Designed with care, craft and meticulous attention to detail by celebrated ceramicist, Billy Lloyd, The Cult Vinegar Vase is a stylish and contemporary vessel to create your own healthy, delicious living vinegar. 

Conceived on a wedding wine hunt in Burgundy, designed in London and lovingly crafted in Stoke on Trent; the Vinegar Vase will keep on giving for a lifetime.

The Cult Vinegar Vase is cast by hand in porcelain and comes as a kit with all you need to help you start your vinegar journey.

To make your own vinegar just follow these three easy steps:

1. Choose your wine. The better the wine the better the vinegar. Add to Vinegar Vase with a bottle of Mother culture.

2. Allow wine to turn to vinegar for 8-10 weeks at room temperature in your kitchen. You’ll notice ester and ether smells which are a good sign. A jelly like substance might form as well if you are lucky.

3. Once it smells and tastes of vinegar either bottle as a batch or simply use to add life to your dishes and feed with the occasional glass of wine.

Our Vinegar Vases are available in a trio of colours and cluster very smartly as a pair or threesome so you can enjoy your own live vinegars made from red and white wine or cider.

Each Cult Vinegar Vase comes with: 

1 x Cult Vinegar Vase base with your choice of coloured lid 

1 x Bottle of Cult Vinegar Starter culture (AKA The Mother) 

1 x Cult Vinegar Recipe Booklet with How To Guide

3 x Labels to signify your vinegar