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Jonathan's Story


I'm Jonathan. 

I've loved food and wine since a young age. About 8 years ago (gulp) I started a food blog called Around Britain With a Paunch. Over time my blogging has decreased, but my passion for food has done the opposite.

I've become fascinated (or my wife would say obsessed) by fermenting and culturing food. From sourdough bread, to kimchi, to pickled artichokes, to making yoghurt in a mahogany Metchnikoff fermentation chest, to making vinegar from the dregs of wine and leftover cider - it seems almost anything can be made more tasty and more interesting by allowing it to submit to the joy of being cultured by live bacteria.

Our kitchen is strewn with interesting fermentation vessels: demijohns full of wine; pots with sourdough starter; glass jars filled with brined vegetables; wooden barrels full of sherry becoming vinegar; kimchi in onggi pos; and crocks full of cabbage metamorphosing into sauerkraut. I love my jumble of different vessels, but wanted to be able to have them on display rather than having to keep them in the shed.

Billy's radical hexagonal design of the Cult Vinegar Vase means these fermentation crocks will look fabulous in a modern kitchen - and will do you good at the same time. 

As well as making the vessels to make live vinegar in - I also make a range of live vinegars called Cult Vinegar. Choose from Red and White Wine Cult Vinegar or opt for something more adventurous such as 1998 Bordeaux, German Riesling, Spanish Moscatel or Champagne Cult Vinegar. Each one has its own unique character that lends itself to different dishes. Click here for more information about Cult Vinegar.

People often say you should follow your passion. That's what I am doing. I want people to feel the joy of consuming and making their own living ingredients.