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London Sauvignon Blanc Cult Vinegar

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London Sauvignon Blanc Cult Vinegar with the mother. Slow fermented, unpasturised and unfiltered for maximum flavour.

This vinegar has a piercing gooseberry and sharp apple clarity. It is made from wonderful wine made in London's Bethnal Green by Renegade Urban Winery. It's a fabulous wine.

It's at home used in pickles or simply to add life and luxury to your salad dressings. Try this in a salsa verde for lip smacking satisfaction.

Live vinegar is unpasturised and contains living bacterial cultures.

It was awarded 1* at the 2020 Great Taste Awards. Here are some comments from the judges.


"Very concentrated deep aroma and this applies equally to the taste. There is a distinct freshness of green apples and then the sharpness of the vinegar takes over and develops alongside the fruit. This is a chefs'/cooks' vinegar and would be great in sauces."

"Pale gold in colour and with the aroma of Sauvignon Blanc, this vinegar packs a mighty punch! The flavour of the mother really comes through, with all the delicious character of good fermentation. There is a delicate fruity sweetness that also gives balance and plenty of sharpness to really awaken the senses."