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Cult Vinegar Marmalade Tonic

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Cult Vinegar Marmalade Tonic is made from live apple cider vinegar infused with a bold range of citrus fruit including - bergamot, Seville oranges, blood oranges lemons and grapefruit.

We thought - 'what could be more lively or suited to the morning than an ACV tonic packed full of bitter citrus flavours'. This really screams 'Good Morning Vinegar!'

You'll want to spread it on your toast. But don't do that. Just take a spoonful neat, or dilute in cold or warm water. Contains the mother. 100ml.

Awarded 2* at the 2020 Great Taste Awards. Here are some of the judges comments. 

"A truly unique product with a really lively blend of sweet and tart flavours. The flavour of the vinegar is supported by a really showstopping blend of citrus that really covers the whole spectrum of that family. The bitter, sweet, tart and floral notes all blend beautifully to give a sophisticated marmalade flavour in a dropper. The flavour of the vinegar really takes a backseat but at the same time lends lively and bracing tang that lifts all the other flavours. Complex and delicious."

"The tonic had a great depth of colour when put in the tasting dish. The first taste was of sweet orange with a slightly thicker consistency than expected with the contrasting sharpness of the vinegar coming through. This is a product that has been prepared with skill."