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Natural Georgian Orange Wine Cult Vinegar

Natural Georgian Orange Wine Cult Vinegar

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Live, natural, qvevri amphora fermented white wine vinegar with the mother. Made exclusively from Georgian orange wine. Slowly fermented, low in sulphites and unpasturised for maximum flavour.

This Georgian orange wine made is made in traditional qvevri amphora - like it has been for around 7,000 years. This ancient wine making method yields a unique vinegar with huge depth and luscious orange colour.

This skin contact natural white wine has a wonderfully funky flavour. It's powerful stuff and has an almost iridescent colour. Amazing with dishes from the Caucasus and Eastern Med. Wonderful for pickling a Georgian walnut or two; fabulous to dip some of their lovely flat breads into; and great to spritz on a dumpling.

Live vinegar is unpasturised and contains living bacterial cultures.